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 #CD3C   @210comiccon 

#CD3C   @210comiccon 


It all started when...

you watched Batman begins for the first time.

Remember how it made you feel?

Leaving the theaters, you brought up memorable parts and expressed your excitement in hopes for future stories.

Movie after movie, marvel and Dc comics have laid out amazing plans for geek world. Unfortunately, these plans will eventually end. Then guess what? "Hollywood" will move on to the next big thing that will make money.

There are many appointed people who have picked up the responsibility of leading us during these times of acceptance and for that we are thankful. But, out of those, who will stay when the money ends, when it's time to move on to the next big thing and trend.

We are fighting to keep those hopes and excitement alive long after they find another market to make money off of. We are fighting to preserve these moments and remember how great it was to attend a con.

We are living in one of the greatest times ever, RIGHT NOW.

Let's not give a reason for it to end.

"The Return of the Golden Age"